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Old Market Inn collaborates with Darling Social

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

See the beautiful video work of the Old Market Inn on all our socials? It's all thanks to Darling Social.

Beautiful video, breathtaking Port Fairy scenes

When we commissioned Charlotte Dumensy of Darling Social to create the Old Market Inn's promotional videos, we knew we were in safe hands.

For her, creating and beauty have always gone hand in hand, and when she became a mother she developed an insatiable desire to hold on to every moment. This very quickly lead to a love of photography - not staged or set up, not always perfect - but definitely heartfelt.

It was only recently that she fell in love with filmmaking, which she has done as naturally as photography, and it adds a whole new layer to telling a story.

If you have any social media needs, whether it be photography, filmography or graphic design, Charlotte is your person.

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